Making bulk work

The bulk food aisle is a great place to find amazing product diversity – and a perfect place to explore for unique or hard-to-find items!

Bulk food sellers can bypass retail packaged goods and stock their stores from a much larger selection of products. So those sesame sticks you love to snack on? Hard to find in a retail pack, but easy to find in bulk! Dehydrated marshmallows? You can pick them out of your cereal, or you can buy them in bulk! And what about dried tea blends? No problem finding them in bulk!

Even better, we can accommodate your special orders! So don’t let the shortcomings of the retail packaged world get you down – find what you’re looking for in bulk!


Ever try to buy one bay leaf? Wish you could try just a little bit of raw sugar before you have to shell out your hard earned money for a whole box? And where would you go to buy a ten-pound bag of almond flour?

Depending on the type of bulk store you visit, any or all of these things are possible. Buying what you need helps you control your food budget and eliminates wasteful overbuying.

Also, bulk foods are less expensive because the costs of retail packaging are avoided. That’s a win for you – and a win for your wallet!


Have you ever opened a food package that has great pictures and tempting wording, only to find that the product inside is far different than what you expected – maybe unappetizing or stale?

Of course you have. We all have! But bulk is most often sold in transparent containers. You can see the product with your own eyes – not some glammed up picture of what the product would look like in a perfect world.

Whether you are serving yourself from scoop or gravity bins, or buying a prepacked item for convenience, there are no hidden surprises or post-purchase let downs when you buy in bulk..